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Three Myths and Truths of Design-Thinking that You Should Know About

Everything you need to know to understand what design-thinking is, where it fits in Life Science and how can you apply it with easy and practical steps. Get better results and minimise the risk associated with your digital project.

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Chloe Grateful to Wyoming for Career Shaping Internship

Chloe reflected on how a short internship with Wyoming had influenced her successful career.

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What is the pharmaceutical industry doing to achieve net-zero?

Global leaders discussed COP26 legacy during Pharma Sustainability Integrates event

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The (Sustainable) Factory of the Future

The Factory of the Future is a technology-driven manufacturing hub focused on pace, agility, and quality.


Life Science Conference 2021: driving growth through smart data

We share a few takeaways from the Life Science Conference by the Scotsman

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Five Tips for Effective Data Visualisation

Ensure your data is communicated effectively by following these tips

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How Chat Bots Benefit Customer Engagement within the Healthcare Industry.

How Chat Bots, Powered by Data, Benefit Customer Engagement within the Healthcare Industry.

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How Data Analytics Improves Efficiency in Cleaning Schedules in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Data analytics can unlock profit, reliability and productivity within your processes

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Deviation and Toxicity Management within Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Deviation and Toxicity Management within Pharmaceutical Manufacturing using data analytics

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Maintenance and Manufacturing in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Using Data Analytics to benefit Maintenance and Manufacturing in the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Implementing Industry 4.0 in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

How can pharmaceutical manufacturing companies implement Industry 4.0?

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Understanding Data Security in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Security is crucial when it comes to data. We detail how to approach this.

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Advanced Analytics in the Pharmaceutical Industry; A Report

How big data and advanced analytics are revolutionising the prospects of companies within the pharmaceutical industry and why they have been so slow to adopt.

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Data Days: How Predictive Maintenance benefits Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Data Days: a monthly article exploring day to day data science and its impact on society and how it can be used. Here we explore the tremendous benefits of predictive maintenance in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

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Data Days: Using data to solve the SQA exam results challenge

Data Days: a monthly article exploring day to day data science and its impact on society and how it can be used. Here we explore the use of data science in the summer exam results process.


Web Analytics, Make Way for Data Science

Is your organisation still only relying on traditional web analytics to generate insight? We explore how data science is creating a new layer of advanced web analytics, capable of giving organisations richer insight than ever before.


Overcoming Covid-19 Challenges in Agriculture with Digital and Data

We were delighted to be asked to deliver a session last week in Agri-EPI's webinar on solutions to overcoming barriers to innovation during Covid-19. Read our summary of our "Digital Resilience" presentation here.

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A Covid-19 Update

The Wyoming team want to reassure all clients and partners that, despite remote working, we continue to provide uninterrupted business as usual during this unprecented time.

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Ecommerce in Healthcare 2: Top Considerations for Successful Website Operations

In the second of our Ecommerce series, Wyoming takes a look at 7 key areas of website operations essential to drive ecommerce success.

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Ecommerce in Healthcare 1: The Role of User Experience

The first of our 3 part series discussing challenges and opportunities of Ecommerce in Healthcare & Life Sciences. First up - the role of user experience.

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The Sobering Reality of Omni-Channel Attribution Tools

Our Client Services Director, Scott, shares his thoughts on marketing attribution tools after a recent seminar he attended. The answer to a marketers problems? Or a world of hidden complexity?

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Industry 4.0 Digitalisation

How are digital technologies powering Industry 4.0? How can organisations realise the benefits of new technologies and new sources of data? Rob discusses in our latest article.

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Digital Skills Partnering with Wyoming

Engage Wyoming for UX Design, Front End Development, Data Management, Ecommerce Development or Demand Generation. We provide additional bandwidth to existing teams, or bring new skills and services.

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Digitally Enabled Agribusiness

Advances in farm technology are introducing new data sources, new data formats, and new digital tools. Overcome challenges and gain an integrated view of farm business data.

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Data Collection Challenges in Healthcare

With legacy operational systems, the explosion in “big data” and the burden of data collection falling on already busy teams, healthcare providers often struggle to gain an integrated view of their data.

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Digital Disruption in the Automotive Industry

Wyoming explore the need for adaptation in automotive companies facing digital innovation and disruption in their industry. Take a look at some of the disruptors and our experience with a giant of the car booking world.

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So, Which CMS Do You Want?

Choosing a CMS is one of the most important marketing decisions any modern organization can make. Before you start vendor evaluation, the downloads available in this article will help you avoid mistakes and help you find your next CMS.

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The Importance of Good UX Design in Finance

Is the hierarchy of your organization's website based on its physical hierarchical structure? Read our article to find out why this could be losing you valuable customers, and revenue.

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Life Science Marketers: Mind Your Language

Life science marketers, when was the last time you reviewed your internal product or service descriptors? Wyoming discuss the importance of avoiding internal jargon in marketing efforts if you want to improve digital performance.

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Managing Inbound Marketing with Eloqua

Eloqua is a complex and powerful tool and with that great power comes great responsibility. If you're about to embark with onboarding Eloqua, here are some things to bear in mind.

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Keywords: Position for Vanity, Return for Sanity

In this article we discuss how agencies are often instructed to focus effort on or bid for vanity keywords, and why it’s a poor strategy if you want to guarantee commercial sanity.

The Value of Clen Data thumb preview

The Value of Clean Customer Data

We all know the value of high quality customer data, yet it's often left to atrophy. Why is this and what can you do?

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Content Value: The Key to GDPR Explicit Consent

With the GDPR deadline looming on 25th May, we're seeing a flurry of emails looking for us to "opt-in". We discuss the impact that quality, personalised content can have in encouraging explicit consent.

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Taming Clinical Trial Data With Technology

Managing huge volumes of clinical trial data brings several challenges: multiple sources, inconsistent formats, complex structures and endless reports. Discover how to turn these challenges to your advantage with smart technology.

Clinical Trial Connect Thumbnail preview

Global Clinical Trials Connect, April 2018

If you're working with disparate and mis-matched data sources, struggling with patient recruitment, or dealing with time-consuming manual work-arounds, Wyoming can help! Let us know you're attending GCTC 18, we'd love to see you there.

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On-Site Search - What's The Perfect Design?

The humble site search box. With its multiple features and treatments, how do you know which one is best for you? Read our blog to find out.

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Event Activation: A Lead Generation Game-Changer

Battling for delegates' attention in large event spaces can be a real challenge for exhibitors. Find out how Wyoming helped generate excitement for our animal health clients at the VMX Exhibition in Orlando.

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Is Unsubscribe Going Native A Threat?

Google recently made it significantly easier to unsubscribe from unwanted email lists before users even open an email. Another example of Google's user-centric focus, but what does this mean for us email marketers?

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Better Decisions in Clinical Trials Come from Better Data

Wyoming published a whitepaper to explore how to source, manage, visualize and act on data to improve performance in clinical trials.

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