Agri-Tech & Animal Health

The promise of digital transformation in Animal Health and Agri-Tech is here to stay

Technology has for many years been added to agriculture and animal health to become more efficient and focused, but this round of technology, digitalisation, is different.

Coined the “Agricultural Revolution”, this rapid explosion of technology in agriculture and animal health means organisations are now connected, location-aware, and with masses of data. 

Digital technologies to improve all aspects of farming and animal health, from food and crop production, diagnosis & treatment, to livestock farming and supply chain are now widely available. 

The development and application of the Internet of Things and the use of sensors and wearables devices mean that organizations are now awash with real-time data. The smart use of this data can help them to make effective decisions: managing workloads, increasing productivity for farmers, and creating peace of mind for pet owners and veterinarians that use this technology to monitor and improve animal health. 

The power of big data is now being recognised in an industry which once lagged behind. It is used in farm operations to increase yield, reduce waste, predict maintenance of equipment, and improve supply chain management, to name a few.  

We can help agricultural and animal health organisations realise the benefits of data for improved commercial performance. 

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Business Analysis & Digital Transformation

We solve user problems through planning, software development, data insight and workflow automation to deliver digital transformation.

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Embrace Digital Transformation

The ability to capture vast quantities of data and to use that data to develop smart digital tools dramatically enhances the scale of services you can offer.

We’ll help you implement digital technology in a way which is aligned with the unique nature of your organisation.