Case Studies

Examples of successful projects

Since 2008, we have collaborated with client teams to solve varying and unique challenges, yielding digital solutions with high-value outcomes.

Implementing Salesforce High-Velocity Sales

We worked with a Life Sciences organisation to plan, design and implement HVS into their US and European inside sales teams, bringing process consistency and agility to sales operations.

Demand Generation

Expanding the market of a diagnostic instrument manufacturer to capture leads and drive new enquiries.

Digital Science with Software Simulation

Using software to simulate experiment design and model different set-ups, to avoid waste and get right first-time operation.

Digital Self Service

Instrument manufacturer facing challenges scaling support. Enabling digital customer self-service for call deflection.

Secure Data Access Portal

Clinical Trials CDMO seeks improvement to data access for customers by providing real-time access.

Data Science Pattern Matching

Contract manufacturer deals with rising toxin levels through data science to improve the efficiency of the manufacturing plant.

Scientific User Experience Design

Instrument manufacturer supports digital experiment design to reduce waste and increase upselling and cross-selling.

Parsing Research

Researchers face challenges staying up to date on relevant topics. Our solution offered a cost-effective content production alternative.

Workflow Automation

Animal health pharma challenged to provide relevant data to customers. We provided a digital product selector tool to improve workflow.

Embrace Digital Transformation

The ability to capture vast quantities of data and to use that data to develop smart digital tools dramatically enhances the scale of services you can offer.

We’ll help you implement digital technology in a way which is aligned with the unique nature of your organisation.