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Creating content experiences and journeys to engage healthcare organisations and drive trial and adoption.


A global diagnostics organisation approached us with a view to run a lead generation campaign to drive new enquiries to their website via paid activity.

Our client reached out to us to help them promote their latest research and capture leads from it. In just three months, we achieved incredible numbers resulting in more than one thousand leads, an increase in click-through rate (CTR) and a decreased cost per click (CPC).


A shortage of in-house resources to manage the campaign meant that the client needed some help with promotion of their latest research. As we have been a trusted vendor for several years and have previously generated good results on paid activity, they reached out to us for help with this new campaign.

This time, they came to us to generate new high-quality leads in a very short period of time, promoting their new haematology research. We were able to quickly understand our client’s requirements and the need to meet leadership KPIs.

The goal was to capture as many leads as possible during the campaign, compelling their audience to find out more about the research by submitting a form. There was additional complexity as we had to expand their target audience within the existing territories.


Our team planned and executed a Google Search and Display campaign that encouraged users to submit a form sharing their contact details in exchange for our client’s research. Moreover, we expanded our client’s market targeting new audiences within the existing territories, which demanded extensive keyword research both in English and in the local language.

We used this keyword research to build a new ad campaign and continuously tested and monitored throughout its duration, including:

  • Bid strategy testing
  • Geo-targeting testing, steering towards the best performing territories
  • Audience testing, with the creation of custom audience and remarketing tactics
  • Search term and placement review and exclusions to improve relevancy

Our combined strategic approach and regular performance review led to an average generation of 12 new leads per day. In the three months the campaign was active, more than one thousand forms were submitted, with a 6% CTR for non-brand terms and a €0.12 average cost per click.

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About the client

Our client is a global diagnostics organisation that manufactures and supplies medical devices used in complex biomedical testing.


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