Customer Research & UX Design

User focussed research and design

Supporting your product teams with specialist digital skills and industry insight to craft great products and services that improve online outcomes.

Keeping the end-user in mind, we create and optimise digital tools and workflows to enable seamless, accessible customer experiences.

At the start of any digital product or service design project it’s crucial to understand the real needs of the users you are trying to support. One of the most common mistakes in product delivery is designing for assumed needs, so our design process focusses on in-depth discovery work to find the real pain points of your target users. We ensure that your product or service will provide useful solutions to their actual needs, in the most intuitive and accessible way.

We have supported many product teams, providing specialist skills, additional bandwidth and an independent perspective. We have collaborated to deliver digital products with impactful outcomes and commercial success.

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Key processes we adhere to

Reasons to engage our CX/UX

High quality VOC

Valuable research insights, clearly expressed to guide digital activities.

Better user engagement

Positive digital experiences tailored to real user needs.

Design better products

Accessible and effective digital application, responsive to user needs.

Improve commercials

Build smarter, reduce uncertainty, reduce waste, go home on time.

How we deliver user experience design

We understand the product / service development process and we can help from initial research through design and build and onward to review, assessment and onward roadmap planning. Specifically, we’ll support you with customer research, gaining voice of customer data to inform design, we’ll then create exemplar profiles of the audiences, identify the key user groups you’re looking to connect with and then develop design components to begin building out the new product or service.

We can then work with your developer team to help manage the build or we can take on elements of the build ourselves including sprint management, UAT and launch excellence.

Create an engaging digital experience

We make complex technology easy to use.