Digital Transformation is changing the diagnostics industry, creating opportunities and efficiencies

There are many ways of using digital technology to improve efficiency in diagnostics, from analysing instrument usage data, creating digital workflows, building self-service customer portals and deploying AI / predictive analytics

Smart data analytics and workflow automation are two popular ways in which digital is transforming diagnostics. Instrument manufacturers and their distribution partners are using data from instrument usage to understand service incidents, plan for replacement parts, provide self-service options and schedule (expensive) engineer visits.

Online portals allow customers 24×7 access to service and sales statuses so they can plan for service intervals, check on replenishment cycles and re-order popular tests.

Healthcare providers can benefit from analytics too, understanding workflow peaks and predicting when results will be available. Having in-clinic instruments offers better predictive data then using send-out labs. Increasingly modular approaches benefit smaller settings, e.g. drop-in clinics, moving some testing closer to the point of care, reducing pressure on central labs.

Digitalisation is not only improving diagnostic experiences but is also helping manufacturers and vendors of instruments, test kits and consumables to improve operations and increase sales. Whether is through predictive data, data management platforms, or sales enablement tools, manufactures use digital to understand, engage and sell better.

Failing to keep pace with digital transformation, diagnostics organisations miss terrific opportunities to enhance patient treatment, improve operations and reduce costs.

We have several years experience managing digital transformation projects for instrument and consumables manufacturers. Find out how can your organisation transform its sales and service operations.

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The ability to capture vast quantities of data and to use that data to develop smart digital tools dramatically enhances the scale of services you can offer.

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