Prepare for the Future of Smart Manufacturing and Digital Transformation

The Factory of the Future will be digital, driven largely by automation, focused on sustainable operation and with connected devices sharing integrated data platforms

Industry 4.0 is a game-changer. The factory of the future is a technology-driven manufacturing hub focused on pace, agility and quality. The power of digital technology and data insight is replacing traditional, manual methods. Operations are now guided by data and enabled by automation, achieving improved outputs with lower inputs.

Smart data applications are positively impacting manufacturing operations to become more sustainable, with optimised cleaning and maintenance schedules, reduced power consumption and lower levels of waste being among the positive benefits of data-led digital transformation.

Real-time data is an essential asset for operations management, producing micro-insights across the entire production process. This helps to spot patterns, give early warning on deviations, predict yields, and maintain quality. However, it also means the ongoing collection of vast amounts of data – operators have to become proficient not only with large data volumes but fast-moving data stream and a wide range of data types, adding to the challenge of making sense of manufacturing data.

The supply chains of manufacturing organisations can be long and complex with various nodes on the journey to finished product being operated by component suppliers and contract manufacturers. Getting access to supply chain data from multiple nodes, often operating different systems and different processes can be challenging. Many organisations struggle with supply chain data and extracting better data insights to improve their operations. 

We help manufacturers to identify opportunities to improve operations by using digital technology and being smart with data.

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The ability to capture vast quantities of data and to use that data to develop smart digital tools dramatically enhances the scale of services you can offer.

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