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Providing trial sponsor with real-time access to clinical trial manufacturing and distribution information.


Wyoming were asked to deliver an online application that would allow for the management of worldwide clinical trials in the strictest of regulatory environments (FDA regulated, cGMP compliant, GxP validated, European Commission Public Health standards).

With multiple sites, fast moving trial protocols and data systems across the globe, data management and consistency is challenging. There was no central point where team members could access information to efficiently manage their projects and scope for client self-service was limited.

A new solution was needed to provide a one-stop portal that could be accessed anywhere at any time on any device and provide consistent and critical information securely.


It was not enough to architect a technical solution, Wyoming needed to understand the business. The team experienced every part of the clinical trials process – travelling to facilities in the Europe and US, visiting manufacturing and packaging sites, following pick, pack, ship & return processes and shipment tracing through to investigator sites in pharmacies or hospitals.

By conducting such in-depth research, Wyoming gained a valuable understanding of data, processes and methods used for managing complex trials. In addition, the team gained insight to the incredible work that goes on to positively impact the lives of patients.

There was a requirement to use Oracle technology with Oracle WebCenter and ADF at the core and Oracle Fusion Middleware joining the dots. Wyoming added AngularJS, custom Java and JavaScript and an outstanding CSS solution to deliver a fully responsive web application.


Wyoming delivered a multi-technology modular web application. This highly complex infrastructure is hidden behind a deceptively simple interface which guides users to access what they want, when they want it.

At launch, the system will support a user base of approximately 2,000 users (internal and external) and provide the ability to search across datasets running to 100M rows. All from any modern browser, on any device. Each user gets tailored views and secure dashboards with global inventory reports, quick distribution lookups, tracking and clinical ancillary management data.

From trial site onboarding to site replenishment, rich analytics is available to guide usage and inform improvements. This platform now allows trial managers to support more trials with more locations and it allows Fisher Clinical Services to further scale their service and bring new solutions to client projects.

About the client

A world leader in global clinical trial management. Working in a highly regulated industry with the world’s biggest pharmaceutical and medical research organizations brings with it an expectation of service, accuracy and excellence that is difficult and costly to achieve.


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