Laboratory Instruments

Laboratory instruments companies can use digital technologies to improve workflows and provide enhanced simulation and configuration tools

We help instrument manufacturers connect and engage with labs and we help labs optimise workflows, managing mixed environments of scientific instruments that are increasingly cloud-attached.

Gains from digital technology begin even before an instrument is placed in a lab. Connectivity & extended reality (XR) tools help to visualise how an instrument will operate in various settings and how it might be located within a physical space. 

Purchasing consumables for scientific instruments is subject to digital enablement with sales workflow tools helping researchers and technicians to select the correct combinations of products (often from vast catalogues). Trial and error is wasteful and we work with several manufacturers to design and build digital selector tools to enable enhanced customer experience and a revenue increase via upselling and cross-selling.

Beyond selectors and workflow tools, digital simulation tools enhance experiment design by providing web applications that give a quality assured preview of how instrument configurations with various reagents, antibodies, dyes, etc. would interact, reducing waste. We design these digital applications, helping researchers to get the right configuration at the first attempt. 

An area of significant support for instrument manufacturers is managing customer relationships via digital portals. We work with manufacturers to research customer needs, plan digital self-service and build out secure web applications. Customers gain convenient re-order options and easy access to previous orders, invoices and shipment statuses, all 24×7 and without having to call support. 

We help global scientific instrument manufacturers to improve commercial outcomes using digital enablement tools and customer experience innovations, from research to design to digital build and ongoing user engagement.

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We’ll get to know your audience and articulate their needs and challenges, and from that, create seamless and accessible digital experiences.

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Using software to simulate experiment design and model different set-ups. We designed flow panels in software to optimise data selections, avoid waste and get right-first-time operation.

Instrument manufacturer facing challenges in scaling support. Enabling digital customer self-service to provide 24×7 access to order and service status, deflecting calls.

Making it easy for scientific researchers to select products from large catalogs with tailored searches and filters. UX in scientific applications requires careful planning with subject matter experts to design user journeys that are easy to use, obvious and consistent.

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