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Making it easy for scientific researchers to select products from large catalogs with tailored searches and filters. UX in scientific applications requires careful planning with subject matter experts to design user journeys that are easy to use, obvious and consistent.


Life sciences demand the highest quality experiments that retain the analytical purity of all inputs and outputs. It is imperative that any components used must protect against the potential for contamination, whilst allowing high levels of repeatability.

In Liquid and Gas Chromatography, it is crucial to pick the correct Septa. These silicone discs are paramount in providing a leak-free seal between the atmosphere and the sample, whether that be in a chromatography machine or simply in a vial storing samples. If the wrong Septa is chosen, then samples may become contaminated, invalidating expensive experiments


Working with the client, we found out that the biggest issue was how to develop a tool that could adapt to meet a wide range of variables. The choice of Liquid Chromatography or Gas Chromatography would have significant impacts on which septas were compatible. The user could utilise a wide range of Chromatography instruments, which would have further impacts on septa selection.

Selecting a septa could also be extremely complex. Therefore, it was a requirement to develop a tool that was  educational, to walk the user through a difficult process that could have significant pitfalls.

Finally, there was growing competition in the market and so there was a requirement to provide a solution that allowed the up-sale on client-branded products.


Wyoming leveraged a previous tool developed for the client to develop a Septa Selection Tool; the Flow Cytometry Panel. This was a graduated, step-by-step tool that asked a series of questions about a user’s chromatography configuration. A branching path at the start allowed users to select the type of chromatography they used, allowing tailored user journeys for both Gas and Liquid Chromatography.

At the end, a recommended products page displayed a compatible septa and a list of vials compatible with that septa. This not only decreased the chance of contamination due to incorrect septa/vial combinations, it also allowed the upsell of client-branded septas and vials, each of which would cross-link to the client’s online store.

The Septa Selection Tool allowed the client to engage with novice and expert chromatography alike, increasing engagement and ultimately sales of our client’s septas and associated products.

About the client

A global scientific instruments company that sells upwards two million of different products to the world’s most advanced life science organisations. Wyoming has worked with this client for over a decade, collaborating in the design and development of a number of integrated web applications. These include digital tools such as enhanced search filters, protocol calculators, workflow configurators and product selector tools.


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