Event Activation: A Lead Generation Game-Changer

March 1, 2018


Digital Transformation


Animal Health & Agri Tech

Veterinarians are a discerning bunch so attracting their attention and engagement in an event space like the world famous VMX Expo, is a challenge.

Recently, Wyoming were tasked with creating a digital experience to capture attention and gather data for future follow-ups. No mean feat in one of Orlando’s largest event pavilions with hundreds of other stands vying for time and attention.

With their broad subject matter knowledge, veterinarians need to keep up to date with a large volume of topics and techniques. Information providers such as pharmaceutical companies need to find increasingly creative and interactive ways to attract and engage trade show visitors. Education and Lead Nurturing are two typical applications and both can be brought to life using discovery format games where the user can learn about a medication, tool or technique by trying options or engaging with questions and choices in a visually stimulating way.

At the recent VMX Expo in Orlando, one of the biggest gatherings in North America for veterinarians, Wyoming developed a digital experience and trivia two of the world’s leading animal health pharmaceutical companies.

The trivia game tested users’ knowledge of general and product specific questions, and their scores were based on correct answers and speed of response. The Digital Experience was an educational tool with elements of knowledge testing but without the scoring mechanism. Both applications were built to capture data for future follow ups.


During the event, both booths were seldom empty, with someone was always approaching the stand to play. This gave reps an opportunity to converse about products with the potential customer.

At Wyoming we have built event activation solutions for many platforms and can advise on planning, development and installation. Our most successful applications are those where a large investment in both planning and execution is available, but modest budgets can still yield successful outcomes with a great idea targeted to the needs of a particular veterinary group.

To find out more about our experience in life sciences, take a look at our case studies.

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