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May 24, 2022


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Chloe Carson reflected on how a short internship with fellow agency Wyoming in 2017 had been hugely influential in shaping her successful early career adventure.

Stepping into her newly promoted role as Digital Product Delivery Manager with Twogether, Chloe Carson reflected on both a whirlwind three and a half years with the technology marketing agency and, particularly, how a short internship with fellow agency Wyoming in 2017 had been hugely influential in shaping her successful early career adventure.

 Having graduated with a BA Honours in Business Economics and Marketing, Chloe was given the opportunity to spend 4 months with Wyoming.

-A digital consultancy created and based in Edinburgh, delivering advanced digital tools, data engineering and data science to leading organisations across the Life Science and Healthcare industries, helping them achieve better business outcomes.

Chloe said:

“I was lucky enough to have completed 2 weeks work experience with Wyoming when at school, which initially inspired me to study marketing at university, so when I got the chance to return on an internship upon graduating, I was super excited.

“As a Junior PM I shadowed Senior Project Manager, Rotana Pal on two particular projects, both of which I thought were awesome – one was a web site for buying houses and the other an app for tracking cats and dogs with diabetes. I got unrestricted access to Rotana’s life as she liaised with the clients and collaborated with the various internal teams responsible for building prototypes and developing the user experience – all skills and areas of the industry that I didn’t know was part of a PM’s role.”

Despite Chloe being instantly suited to the industry, being exposed to the technology development side of the business identified a gap in her skill set, which became the driving force behind an unexpected return to university to complete a one year Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science.

Chloe added: 

“When I came to apply for a role as Junior PM at Twogether in September 2018, being able to recall my experiences from Wyoming helped greatly in my interview and was, I believe, largely influential in me becoming the successful candidate.

“Not only that, but some of my biggest learnings at Wyoming were around basic business processes, the things you don’t realise you don’t know, which you don’t get taught at university, as they are not related to a specific project or skill. 

“This very much helped me be more professional when I came in at Twogether and has assisted me in not only achieving two promotions since I arrived, but also being ‘Highly Commended’ by the Drum Awards for Digital Industries in the Rising Star of the Year category 2021, something I am extremely proud of.”

Twogether is a multi-award winning global marketing agency focused exclusively on B2B technology. The business provides a fully integrated in house marketing service, and also creates enterprise grade products and applications specifically for the technology reseller channel. 

Now part of the Channels Solution team, Chloe works with one of the largest technology companies in the world delivering data driven applications and experiences to 1000’s of business partners and internal users. Chloe remains grateful to the way in which Wyoming opened the door to her career and would urge others to follow a similar path.

Chloe continued:

“There is a lot of competition for internships, but they are well worth chasing down and careers departments within universities can help identify these. I had an internal fear of refusal, which held me back for a while, but at the end of the day you have to make opportunities for yourself, and I am so glad I did.

“I absolutely loved my time at Wyoming and I am super grateful for it. It gave me a deeper understanding of the industry, opened my eyes, shaped my first few career steps and taught me a lot that I still use today.” 

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About the author

Brian Petrie

Marketing & PR Consultant
With a wealth of marketing experience and extensive history in the life sciences sector, Brian is delighted to be collaborating with Wyoming, bringing to life the many great strengths and facets of the organisation.

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