A Covid-19 Update

April 9, 2020


Digital Transformation



During these uncertain times, the Wyoming team are working fully remotely in order to protect ourselves and our families. Despite missing our office atmosphere and face-to-face meetings, we’ve adapted very well to remote working and are continuing to deliver all services as usual for our clients and partners around the world. Collaboration has never been so important, and we’re proud of the continued quality of service that our team continues to provide.

Even before Coronavirus and Covid-19 became terms of everyday usage, at Wyoming we were set-up nicely for remote working. We have made heavy use of online collaboration tools and we were regularly, Zooming, Slacking, Teaming? and Dropboxing?? each other before social distancing was a thing. So, we’re tooled up for remote digital collaboration and working largely as normal.

We quickly realised the importance of keeping in touch and maintaining frequent communication as a company, and now have bi-weekly all-hands remote meetings. We use these to give each team member the opportunity to present a project, challenge or opportunity they have been working on, and to get the thoughts and opinions of the wider team, just as they would in our office environment. It’s working really well for us and helping to ensure we’re well connected.

We’ve even managed to introduce a few new team members!

  • Patrick: age 2, specialises in Peppa Pig 
  • Cassie: Labrador, creative ball use on a trampoline
  • Hannah: age 3, “talented” ukulele player
  • Marvin: Russian blue cat, never misses a Zoom call

This is a challenging time for everyone. We have team members in different countries, team members with young families, team members with their own worries and concerns. Never has it been more important to remain in contact with your colleagues and check-in on each other. A little kindness goes a long way!

We are dedicated to ensuring your business continues as normal. Our team are still available to offer advice and support on any projects or opportunities, so please do reach out if you think we can help.

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