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July 5, 2019


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Digital transformation projects succeed with collaboration – bringing together a wide set of skills.

Looking For A Digital Partner?

At Wyoming we occasionally handle all tasks in a project but it’s more common that we work on a set of tasks that suit our specialist skills and then partner with other consultants to bring the project to fruition. Perhaps we’re doing customer research and persona development, handing off to another team to build out a proof of concept, for example. Or, sometimes we’re collaborating on design with a wider team and then taking on project management of a complex build, using the customer’s development team. There are many flavours!

If you are a consultant, system integrator, agency or other development company, bidding for new projects or working through an existing project, do you have a skills gap? Perhaps with customer experience (CX) researchuser experience (UX) designfront-end development, data management, or demand generation (inbound marketing) or do you need additional bandwidth? Wyoming often partner with consultancies of various shape and size to assist them to land complex projects. Sometimes we collaborate on bids or tenders and other times its projects that are already in flight. Don’t add worry to your to-do list – collaborate with an experienced partner and we’ll help you land the project successfully.

Why Organisations Outsource To Us

  • Not a core skill – when the technical details of digital transformation (CX, UX, Design Systems, Data Integration, etc.) are not necessarily your core skill, partner with some experts
  • Bandwidth – we are often engaged by consultants who can fulfil the task, but need an extra pair (or several pairs) of hands
  • Independent view by experts in the field – we have a track record of providing solid advice backed by data analytics 
  • A safe pair of hands – we have proven ourselves as an enabler of digital transformation many times over

Projects That Can Work Well

  • Customer Experience (CX) research, finding out detail of how customers interface with your organisation and how to gather useful feedback for product / service improvement
  • Technical build that requires complex user interface (UI) options to be mapped out
  • ERP/supply chain with data integration issues or complex information sharing requirements
  • Managing and presenting data, building data pipelines and dashboards
  • Software builds where creative design, design systems and/or branding consistency is required
  • Building apps and other digital activations for events / conferences

Improved Outcomes

There are several positive benefits to getting digital experts involved. We will upskill your team, we will bring clarity, specialist skills and focus which directly reduces risk, and for the focus of the project at hand, we’ll help you succeed on delivery and create a positive experience for the wider project team.

Contact the team on 0131 322 7000 or complete the form with your details. We’ll be back in touch soon!

About the author

Michelle Waddell

Marketing Manager
As Marketing Manager, Michelle is responsible for partnering and for shaping our communications to the market. With over ten years’ experience in digital, she knows her stuff when it comes to collaboration, particularly for large digital transformation projects.

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