Wyoming Interactive and Circa Healthcare join forces to take on remote vet challenge on dairy farms

October 6, 2020


Digital Transformation


Animal Health & Agri Tech

Wyoming Interactive teamed up with Circa Healthcare to take part in the 2020 Agri-EPI Hackathon with five other teams.

The hackathon challenged us to create a digital solution for vets who may need to work remotely with dairy farms to prevent, diagnose, and prescribe. This challenge was born out of the Covid-19 lockdown which has forced various restrictions upon the farm vet community. Vets have highlighted the need for “any digital solution that can facilitate remote consultations with our clients and enable some video consultation and live data collection.”

Immediately, the team recognised the wide array of innovative data gathering tools already on the market, such as cow FitBits, cow facial recognition software, weighing devices, ingestible tools to measure internal biometrics, and much more. The key hurdle which was identified was the lack of platform to bring all of these data streams together which could provide analysis and also also alert both a farmer and vet.  Currently data may be gathered with no actions or analysis from the data. 

The team of vets and data scientists worked together to create a unique concept which would help to prevent common illnesses by creating parameters for data gathered from specific tools which would alert both vet and farmer and would also facilitate digital consultation. This would lead to a greater understanding of the farm for the vet and also produce a more efficient and better working relationship between vet and farmer. 

We were delighted to be able to stretch our creative brains and collaborate whilst taking on this challenge.

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