Revolutionising the property market


After reluctantly handing over a 6% commission fee to the realtor for selling his house, the founder decided there must be a better way to buy and sell property. Noodigs was born. Fast property sales without intermediaries.

Wyoming provided digital consultancy to determine what a solution might look like and prototyped many options for customer engagement. Noodigs then asked Wyoming to bring their ideas to life, and create a platform to launch the business.


We designed and built a secure, scaleable platform that not only explained how Noodigs works, but most importantly built trust with customers who were about to make the biggest purchase of their lives.

Wyoming created the Noodigs brand: fresh, crisp colors to indicate simplicity, capability and openness. This complemented the engineering platform: capable, resilient and fast.

Using an AngularJS framework, Wyoming set about the task of creating a simplified user experience, siting on top of a hugely complex set of rules, processes and third party interfaces. Managing the buyer and seller processes for residential house sales is challenging but with Noodigs, the process is beautifully straightforward.

Noodigs Logo landscape
Noodigs Logo portrait
Noodigs stationary mock up
Branding for Millennials
We worked closely with the founder to create a brand identity that resonated with tech-savvy, early adopting Millennials. Coastal California was cited as a key lifestyle reference point.
One site, many processes
Designing a platform to manage the full property purchase journey for both buyers and sellers required ethnographic research, design and engineering to come together in an easy-to-use, secure interface.
Seamless UX for complex transactions
The User Experience (UX) of the application hides the complexity inherent in property transactions. Using secure dashboards, alerts and custom reports, each user gets what they need, when they need it.


For the first time buyers and sellers can self-manage complex property transactions with minimal hassle. The platform enables accelerated processes to cut out delay (and cost) common in traditional models. Building trust was crucial for this to be a success – this was achieved by using best practice security models, trusted third parties and by being open and honest with customers.

Customers used to dealing with realtors will notice stark improvements with dashboards that are always up to date, mobile alerts sent whenever data changes and complete transparency. Savvy consumers who expect the interactivity, ease of use and speed of the best entertainment, sports and utility apps are delighted with Noodigs.



"The system looks amazing. I'm blown away by how simple and attractive everything is and the admin function is fantastic. The project has been collaborative and Wyoming exhibited thoughtfulness, energy and care throughout."


Ryan Harris, Noodigs

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