Digital Self Service

Instrument manufacturer facing challenges scaling support. Enabling digital customer self-service for call deflection.

Secure Data Access Portal

Clinical Trials CDMO seeks improvement to data access for customers by providing real-time access.

Taming Clinical Trial Data With Technology

Managing huge volumes of clinical trial data brings several challenges: multiple sources, inconsistent formats, complex structures and endless reports. Discover how to turn these challenges to your advantage with smart technology.

Global Clinical Trials Connect, April 2018

If you’re working with disparate and mis-matched data sources, struggling with patient recruitment, or dealing with time-consuming manual work-arounds, Wyoming can help! Let us know you’re attending GCTC 18, we’d love to see you there.

Better Decisions in Clinical Trials Come from Better Data

Now more than ever it is crucial that clinical trials data is able to provide key decision-makers with insight just as quickly and effectively. Rapid, actionable data is widely recognised as the basis for competitive advantage. Yet, many life sciences companies are still struggling with the sheer complexity of the data landscape. In recent years […]