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We Consult

Digital solutions are rarely one size fits all. It's important to us that we understand what you need. We do this by working in close collaboration with your internal teams, gaining a real appreciation of how you do what you do. That's our motivation.

We Improve

We want performance to be our harshest critic - to be judged by outcomes and real, tangible results. We improve what we do for you and how we do it by testing, measuring and learning. By doing this, you're happy, we're happy and everyone gets paid.

We Deliver

We don't want to have a short-term relationship. Sometimes that's just the way things work out but we'd far rather be in it for long term. That's why it's key to us to deliver on our commitments to you.

Increasing reliability, efficiency and profitability by extracting meaningful and actionable insights from your data.

Do you feel that you have all the data that you need to make decisions at your fingertips? Don’t worry, you are not alone. It is estimated that only 30% of all companies identify themselves as being data driven. Working together, Wyoming’s team of expert data scientists can help you to make the most out of the data that you already collect. Whether we are talking about optimising maintenance schedules, knowing more about your customers and their behaviours or building a reporting suite, we have the right solution for your business and for your customers.

Creating easy-to-use & engaging online experiences

Slick, easy to use interfaces help users find stuff quickly and get their work done fast and without complication. How do you transform clunky and outdated interfaces and substandard infrastructure that consistently leads to crashes or poor or limited data visualisation tools that offer no quality insights? Or an ecommerce or marketing experience that simply does not have that wow factor. All these and more can conspire to alienate the end users of your products. Wyoming can solve that. We’ll collaborate with you to get an understanding of your users, both internal and external. From that, we’ll tailor-make solutions that offer seamless, beautiful experiences that always keep the end user in mind. Whether that be as simple as a UX and data audit, or as complicated as an entire newly-built software platform. We’ll produce deliverables that improves engagement for your users.

Increasing sales for businesses 

Let’s be honest, this is the key success criteria for any business. Ultimately, any digital project absolutely needs to improve your company’s ROI and growth. Without increasing revenue, there’s no point. Everything we do at Wyoming is focussed in making sure we provide real value to your digital business . Our extensive data research can offer fresh actionable insights, resulting in increased yields. Meanwhile, our comprehensive SEO expertise will help you make sense of the analytics, so that you can change bounce rates into conversion rates. And any project we take on focuses on how we can provide the best value to you. After all, if we do our job properly, your and your clients will be happier. We’ll be happier. And everyone will get paid!

Delivering powerful & reliable ecommerce solutions

We don’t need to tell how important eCommerce and shopping on the go is. Yet ecommerce presents various challenges in such a competitive landscape. Maybe your current ecommerce platform simply isn’t getting the conversion you’d like. Or maybe you find yourself wasting money on PPC’s without seeing a growth in organic traffic? Wyoming can help. We can replatform your entire ecommerce ecosystem to one that best meets your needs. Or maintain and tweak your current system. All the while using analytics to make the buyer process as frictionless as possible. Finally, our Google-qualified SEO specialists can help optimise your brand visibility, so that you can convert more and more clicks into buys.

Giving your team the expertise to excel online

Knowledge is power, but gaining that knowledge can be overwhelming. Keeping pace with digital can be a daunting endeavor, with a rapid influx of newer and newer technologies, softwares and skills being thrown your way. Not to mention the realms of jargon you need to wade through! However, we can help you learn what you need to know. Wyoming Interactive can upskill you and your team in a range of different areas. From learning Content Management Systems and eCommerce platforms, through to consulting you on the best digital strategies and approaches. Even training you in new fields via workshops and seminars.


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