Connecting data, technology and people to achieve digital solutions that revolutionize industries

We design and build digital products & services to improve operational workflows, deliver insight to plan better, create activations to reach markets faster and find opportunities to increase efficiency and sustainability.

The pace of digital transformation keeps accelerating and adapting to the new digital paradigm has become critical.

Digitalisation is now enhancing growth in a very complex industry. Wyoming makes this real, helping internal teams and external customers move faster and better.
Adapt your business to succeed and make the most of your data, digital applications and media strategy to improve commercial outcomes and increase efficiency.

We connect

Data, technology and people

Wyoming creates simple solutions for complex challenges, helping businesses to drive digital change.

What we do

Customer Research & UX Design

We’ll get to know your audience and articulate their needs and challenges, and from that, create seamless and accessible digital experiences.

Business Analysis & Digital Transformation

We solve user problems through planning, software development, data insight and workflow automation to deliver digital transformation.

Customer Acquisition & Engagement

We reach and engage online communities to drive response, enrolment and conversion, using data analytics for ongoing improvement.

Digital solutions that fit your size

Same methods, different outcomes. Each project is unique; tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll explore the most cost-effective way to make it possible. We’ve done everything from the voice of customer research to design systems; data management portals to sales enablement tools and advanced analytics to targeted marketing.

Digitalisation is a key asset to better manage operations, increase sales and improve your return on investment.

From start to finish

End-to-end digital projects

Outsourcing the same project to different companies eats into your time and cost-efficiency. Our team help you from start to finish. From the first audit, persona development and product design to post-launch optimisation and audience engagement, we’re with you all the way.

Better and faster

In-house team

We do everything in-house which allows us to deliver faster. Complex projects require seamless processes and our team is onboard for each part of the process to understand your exact requirements.

Maximise your results

Smarter with data

We don’t settle for the first “good” result. Led by data, we judge our performance by tangible results, and we keep testing, measuring and learning. Our goal? To maximise your efforts and get the best possible result at the lowest possible cost.

Peace of mind

Digital experts

We’ve been specialising in this digital for years to deliver projects that make an impact across life science and finance and more. Playing the long game, we’ve developed long-term relationships with global leaders. Find peace of mind knowing your project is in safe hands.

Trusted by market leaders

Case studies

Using software to simulate experiment design and model different set-ups. We designed flow panels in software to optimise data selections, avoid waste and get right-first-time operation.

Clinical Trials CDMO improves data access for customers. We developed a secure portal, providing real-time access to clinical trial manufacturing and distribution information.

Contract manufacturer needs to deal with rising toxin levels. Using data science, we improved the efficiency of the plant by finding patterns in large data sets to reduce environmental impacts and increase operational efficiency.

Delivering success across multiple industries




Laboratory Instruments



Clinical Trials

Agri-Tech & Animal Health

Latest insights

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Are you ready to embrace digital transformation and improve your digital strategy along the way?

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