UX and Design

Increasing Online Sales and Memberships through UX and Design


Our client, the original premium subscription spirit and beer clubs founded in the 1980s, is an exclusive member’s club that offers members exclusive bottles of whisky every month. We had worked with them to host and manage their online e-commerce site using Magento platform, achieving significant conversions and increasing revenue. 

 However, as the competition increased from other premium spirit services, the organisation found a need to push the key benefits of their service and aimed to increase member referrals and sign-ups to their club. Trusting our expertise due to the success of our management of their e-commerce platform, the organisation turned to Wyoming Interactive for solutions. 



Each month, the club would offer to its members exclusive new bottlings available only for members to buy. We noticed that the marketing around this could be expanded and had more potential. Each offer was based around a theme every month and were known to be extremely popular with a consistent rush of traffic to the website.


Whilst monthly print brochures were sent to members to promote these offers, there was no digital equivalent. The offers were integrated as part of the online shop but weren’t specifically promoted. As monthly themed offers were a key driver of traffic, we saw an opportunity to make the most of this exposure to increase existing customer engagement as well and drive conversions to membership plans.




Our solution was to create a landing page that would change to promote each month’s offers. Leveraging the print assets, we created a bold lifestyle layout that stood apart from the rest of the site, expressing the sense of adventure and playfulness at the heart of the client.


This offers page heavily advertised the specified month’s offerings, along with featured bottlings and monthly events which linked to the online shop, helping to increase conversions. Furthermore, the page included cross-links to features and blog articles related to the offer, increasing SEO performance. Finally, we included a link for new membership referrals, which improved new user signs ups. 


We created landing page templates, all easily customisable to fit in with that month’s theme, creating an exciting monthly promotional piece that closely aligned with the print collateral. A solution that resulted in increased member referrals, sign ups and sales.