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Engaging event attendees with content & interactivity


The difficulty of exhibiting in large event venues is that, even with a stellar proposition, it's often hard to be heard. Event marketing professionals have spent years trying to attract attention to booths using everything from design, and location to direct invites and giveaways. 

One technique is to place some form of interactivity into the event space to attract passing browsers. In this task, our brief was to create an engaging interactive digital experience that would help the client stand out from the hundreds of other booths. The experience had to be clearly focused on the client’s product heritage and the application of their products and services to positive animal health outcomes, rather than something gimmicky.

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What better way to reinforce your relevance to visiting veterinarians than to stage a quiz covering your domain expertise? Beyond attracting visitors to the game to demonstrate their own expertise, the purpose was to grow awareness of the core brand proposition and build up a contact list.

Designing a quiz or a game to be flashy is pretty easy. The real skill in game design lies beneath the surface. Adding things like timers, progressively increasing the degree of difficulty or handing out a big penalty for an incorrect action, are all the things which make games so appealing. Players intuitively know a good environment when they see one and quickly decide if something is worth their time or not.

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Building factors like these into the structure of the game and managing them subtly into the user experience takes some effort to achieve, but usually the game play yields results that shows the planning effort was worthwhile.

The stand layout led game players into the heart of the brand event experience and registration (name and email) was required as a toll for the game play experience. A useful way in to start a valuable conversation and gather data for future communications. 

 vmx stand 600



By staging a quiz across multiple tablets and with a large screen leaderboard, the interactive experience achieved the goal of creating visual stand out in the event space. More than 15% of attendees registered to play (a necessary barrier to adoption) and some attendees played forty times (or more) over the course of a three-day event.

Throughout the event, the game brought hundreds of new visitor prospects to the brand and provided thousands of opportunities to engage them with products and services.

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