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Cost-effective paid search campaigns


The client approached Wyoming frustrated with their incumbent agency’s performance. After seeing positive results in the early days of the relationship, performance had since plateaued, with no sign of change. Wyoming were challenged with optimizing and managing the client’s paid search activity, with a focus on positive ROI. 

Wyoming initially conducted an audit of the client’s Google AdWords account; analysing both campaign performance and configuration. It became apparent that the account had previously been optimized almost exclusively on cost per click (CPC), without reference to Cost Per Sale (CPS). The result was steady increments in site traffic but without parallel increases in sales or revenue. Consequently, traffic was demonstrated to be of poor quality, despite it's low cost.


One of the many reasons that the traffic was low cost and low quality was that the terms being targeted were not specific enough. Match types were too broad, attracting limited competition and resulting in low CPCs. In this instance, low competition should have been a red flag to the likely quality of the traffic.

By restructuring Google Adwords and fully integrating Google Tag Manager it was possible to track CPS metrics, to provide a cost-effectiveness feedback loop. Wyoming’s commercial performance dashboards enabled iterative optimization of both match types and keyphrases.


By consistently focusing on campaign cost effectiveness (expressed as $CPS), low cost, high traffic key phrases were methodically substituted for higher cost, better quality key phrases. The graphs below demonstrate that, despite a clear drop in impressions following our change in strategy, we significantly outperformed competitors in terms of click-through rates (CTRs), as a result of this higher quality traffic. 

analytics graph 2 2

analytics graph 3

Wyoming's paid search optimization resulted in an overall reduction in total site traffic. However, this was compensated for by disproportionate improvements in site conversion, CPS, Average Order Value (AOV) and total revenue.

Wyoming achieved:

          • 166% YoY increase in Average Order Value
          • 95% YoY increase in revenue
          • 130% increase in PPC conversions

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