A Contract Manufacturer Customer Portal

Providing for near real-time delivery information with secure search, filter, and data export capabilities


 Our client manufactures high-grade instruments and consumables to enable reliable testing. The instruments and consumables are used in clinical settings where accurate results and fast turnarounds are critical. The organisation manufactures and distributes to direct and indirect customers worldwide. 

Traditionally, customers would contact their sales representatives or distributor to determine product availability and shipment status, but the organisation had a strong desire to move to online self-service for customers. 

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Voice of customer research indicated a strong desire for self-service technology options to provide access to essential product availability and shipping data. The customers also expressed a desire for searching and filtering capabilities to manage large volumes of current and historic orders. 

The organisation recognised these challenges and was keen to provide self-service capabilities for customers whilst reducing load on internal order management teams. With a view to the future and the potential to expand self-service capabilities, the organisation was keen to develop a common platform that could integrate multiple back-end service connections for the current need but also be flexible enough to incorporate additional services in the future. 


After gathering business requirements and mapping the ‘as is’ process, the team at Wyoming moved on to develop ‘to be’ process designs, socialise them around client teams and then iterate to an agreed plan. 

The team also looked for high-impact quick wins to gain momentum for the project and raise awareness around the business. The first quick win development to take place was automated shipment status emails which provided a helpful view, once per day on forthcoming delivery schedules. These were quickly localised and rolled out globally, creating a reliable and informative daily update for customers. 

Business analysts and interaction designers then started to model interactive customer journeys for self-service digital workflows. The team shared design work with increasing fidelity as the requirements started to firm up. Wyoming then developed a multi-lingual order management portal to share inventory and distribution data, leveraging interfaces with SAP and Salesforce.