Avetta Risk Assessment

Stimulating demand & improving lead quality


Avetta is a SaaS platform specializing in global supply chain management. It allows organizations with extensive supply chains to ensure that their suppliers are certified to appropriate levels, have the proper levels of insurance and mitigate risk throughout the supply chain. Wyoming have been Avetta's digital agency since late 2016.

Although there are various lead generation mechanics throughout the marketing site, we wanted to help the client create a tool which would: be a new concept to the industry; allow us to gather greater prospect data to gain higher lead scores and start a relationship with those prospects founded on helping and supporting them with any issues they currently face.


In partnership with the client, Wyoming created a high-level concept of developing a survey tool which asked a series of themed questions to help the user gauge, across five main supply chain business areas, the level of risk inherent in a respondent's business.

Once the concept was broadly agreed upon, Wyoming and Avetta then started deriving the questions and scoring mechanic which we would use to assess supply chain risk levels. This mechanic was then developed into a creative build out which brought the survey to life and made the process enjoyable for the end user.

The survey tool, however, had to have utility to the user. We therefore designed a report layout which would take the respondent's survey scores and identify, using High/Medium/Low scoring band to help the user quickly identify areas they needed to focus on. To further help the user, there were supplementary links to assets which would aid with risk mitigation within their organization.

Once the creative output for both the survey and resulting report was approved, we moved on to build and deploy the tool. For Avetta, it was a key requirement to allow survey respondents to flow into their marketing automation platform; we successfully integrated the survey mechanic results into their Marketo platform to allow the client to communicate with prospects via their MA tool.



With over 320 qualified leads (and counting!) in the first few months after launch, the tool has helped augment the existing prospect database and, given the granular nature of the data captured, the sales team have greater insights into pain points each prospect is experiencing and tailor their approach during initial approaches.

For the respondents, they get a highly tailored bespoke report which identifies organizational supply chain risk and assets to help them mitigate those risks.

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Desktop view of Risk Assessment Tool
Mobile view of Risk Assessment Tool