Ardbeg Islay Invaders

Retro gaming for event activation


Ardbeg is the Ultimate Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky and brings the best of Islay to whisky events around the world. Fans of Ardbeg openly adore the brand and make their positive feelings well known at whisky events and through social media. 

Ardbeg wanted to create excitement around the brand to celebrate work they had done with whisky experiments conducted in Space. By having a unique proposition, of Ardbeg product being examined on the International Space Station, naturally the brand team wanted to bring these experiments to life, back on Earth! 

Ardbeg what we did image3


Wyoming were tasked with various digital activities to celebrate the return of Ardbeg product to Earth and to create a retro game for installation at whisky events.

The game, Islay Invaders, paid homage to Space Invaders but with a distinct Ardbeg edge. For events, a strong presence was required. The team sourced full size arcade game chassis with full wrap around branding. The game itself was written from the ground up to operate for tablet, mobile phone and most impactfully, for the self-running kiosks.  

 ardbeg invaders play screen small 600


Everything from the game design, engineering and kiosk construction was done at a Wyoming site and then instructions and supplies were created for brand teams around the world.

The game authenticity comes from being deliberately retro, calling to mind the design of eighties games but built using the latest technology to support multiple use cases, device formats and territory localization.

ardbeg invaders ipad1x600

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