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Magento is our professional ecommerce solution of choice for any company working in enterprise scale ecommerce. Whether you’re looking to integrate a retail inventory system, run multiple storefronts across multiple territories or launch several overlapping promotions, Magento has all the capability packaged in a highly configurable solution.

The team at Wyoming have been working with the platform for over a decade (from version 1.6 through to Magento 2.x), helping develop, manage and support complex ecommerce installations, as well as drive high quality traffic to sites.


Magento is an enterprise-capable ecommerce platform but out of the box, it’s a vanilla offering that requires significant configuration and customisation to apply to real-world requirements. Through customisation the platform can be optimised to solve challenges that a particular brand experiences, engaging audiences better and generating high-quality outcomes.

Our team of certified Magento developers have extensive experience developing highly customised modules across a variety of industries. From customisation of the Amazon pay module, membership activation processes and enhanced ecommerce functionality, we take a forward-thinking approach to bring our clients the most innovative, high-performing solutions.

Third Party Integrations 

Adding online prices to a catalogue of products is not much use if customers can’t pay and products can’t be shipped. Integrations couple the Magento platform with essential internal and external solutions to create seamless experiences for customers right across the ecommerce journey, from browsing to delivery. For ecommerce brands, integrations power rich functionality and smooth administration, allowing more customers to be served better.

We integrate third-party modules and back-end systems helping organisations streamline the management of their online store and improve commercial outcomes. From ERP systems to payment gateways and CRM systems, our team has a wealth of experience providing both strategic consultancy and implementation support around third party integrations.

User Experience 

The plethora of online stores yields many opportunities for customers to shop elsewhere. If the ecommerce journey is poor on one site, customers may search for a smoother experience elsewhere. Ambitious ecommerce brands need to attract, engage, convert and retain customers and category leaders increasingly turn to user experience (UX) to make the difference. Good UX gives interfaces clarity & focus and give processes simplicity & pace, moving customers from consideration to commitment, from intent to action.

We research, plan, test and develop custom UX solutions for ecommerce brands to help more customers to smoothly transact on smartly designed store-fronts.


Internationalising your Magento online offering is more than simply introducing a translated check-out process. We help organisations build and customise local store fronts, integrate localised payment methods and personalise price configuration of products, and adapting logistics and shipping constraints into our development considerations.

The more effort spent on localisation, the better the engagement and, time and again, the better the outcomes. When we work on localisation projects, we lean heavily on analytics to create a solid base of data to inform store-front, catalogue & promotion decisions and have a track record of delivering strong incremental gains.


Our approach is both creative and analytical. We’ll work through your requirements to create a high performance and engaging online store where visitors will fill baskets, checkout and return. Get in touch today to find out more.

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