Marketing automation made easy


Eloqua and Marketing Automation

Managing multi-channel campaigns, with scale AND localization requires a great tool to keep data and workflows clean and efficient. Hand-balling overlapping campaigns just ties you in knots.

Oracle Eloqua brings you marketing automation to plan, target and execute campaigns offering a personalized experience for each prospect. With well-built workflows and processes, Eloqua can take care of the hard work so you can concentrate on the thinking part.

The key is knowing how to get the most out of the technology. Perhaps yours is a niche product that requires more of a hand-held sales approach? Or a highly configurable mass-market product with dozens of overlapping promotions? Whatever you need, we’ll likely have seen the challenge before and built a workflow to make it happen.

Our team has created hundreds of campaigns across various channels. Why not ask us to show you some examples?

Complex Can Be Simple Too

Starting Eloqua for the first time can be perplexing. We often speak with clients who are confused about the options and challenged by the process. Rest assured we know how to untangle these issues and get the campaigns flying out the door (and outbox!). For one campaign, the targeting might be very simple but the workflow complicated, whereas for another, the workflow might be a single email creative and personalised landing page but with hundreds of data targeting variations.

Use our experience to fast track your goals.