Development and Technologies

Digital development that delivers


Web Development Services

Wyoming works on agile development projects to bring applications to life with UX driving development activity. Our designers and developers collaborate freely to craft slick interfaces, tightly aligned with need states, that will create meaningful outcomes for the brand and for the user community.

 We build with speed, abstraction, simplicity and style in mind. Software build that is intuitive ‘under glass’ and intuitive for maintenance and onward development. Separation of concerns helps to organise and simplify development processes, maintaining clarity of the UX led approach through multiple release cycles.

 We listen, learn and deliver.

 Our development team walks with you from business need to outcome. In between the search is on for the smartest, most elegant solution.


Things we build and do

  • Websites (responsive or plain old rectangular ones)
  • Content management systems
  • Ecommerce platforms
  • Mobile apps, Android or iOS
  • Web-based applications (simple straight-forward ones and complex ones with lasers)
  • Technical architecture and infrastructure design
  • Database design and development
  • Hosting solutions
  • Continuous integration and deployment services

Custom Software Development

Sometimes an off-the-shelf product isn't enough. What's needed is highly tailored software crafted to your brief. With access to a team of permanent, full-time business analysts, technical specialists and developers who will work with you from initial inception to release, we ensure the final product lives up to the needs of your business.

CMS Development

What do you need it to do? What are you familiar with and how do you currently work? These strikingly simple questions help us build out from existing Content Management Systems (CMS) and form the foundation of our development. Whether you need a lightweight solution such as Silverstripe or Drupal, or you'd prefer to play at the enterprise CMS level with Adobe Experience Manager or Oracle WebCenter, it's your needs that count.