Keeping search simple


SEO Methodology

The first question we ask on any SEO optimization project is: "What are your audience actually searching for?" By remaining focused on this apparently simple question we can quickly pinpoint the most important keywords and phrases together with corresponding gaps in both site content and site structure. More importantly, it makes it easier to identify and prioritize the largest opportunities for natural search performance improvements. Too many sites still reflect the departmental hierarchy of the organisations rather than be created around how or why customers search. Presenting content in a logical order with search engine marketing woven in makes for a better user experience and allows for improved rankings.

How We Can Help

Mobile Optimization

62% of all smartphone users have made a mobile purchase online this year. With the launch of Google 'mobile indexation first', optimizing your site for mobile SEO is now mandatory if you want to stay in the game. From cross device purchase functionality to accelerated mobile ecommerce pages, it's all about ensuring you're good to go and ready when Google decides to flip the switch.

Product Search Optimization

How can customers buy your products if they can’t find what they’re looking for? Do singular, plural and misspellings bring the right results? Are you using auto-suggestions to assist users? Optimizing and enhancing your product search enables customers to find exactly what they're looking for - if the search results throw up a no you've already lost the sale.

Product Page Optimization

Are your images the best they could be? Are your products accurately described? Do you have the right product hierarchy on site? These are just a few of the many things that play a part in product page ecommerce optimization.

Home Page Optimization

As the most important page on your site, your homepage needs to be your showcase. Optimizing your most frequently visited page for ecommerce is a must. But, of all the pages on the site, the homepage is often subject to horse-trading between departments, to the detriment of user experience. We can help provide an unbiased and priortized analysis to help you figure out homepage messaging, content and heirarchy.

Load Speed Optimization

A fraction of a second can be the difference between a customer staying or leaving. For Amazon, every 0.1 second increase in page load decreases sales by 1%. If customers are leaving before the page even loads, there’s no chance of them converting. From image optimization to leveraging browser caching, we can help you keep your customers and Google happy.