Measure twice, cut once.


Data First

Ideas and decisions are only ever made better by insight. We have experience in all points of analytics setup; from the initial implementation of tracking to adding new attributes into the data layer, and creating dashboards to report and highlight new insights based on customer behavior.

  • Google Tag Manager tracking and management
  • Data layer implementation
  • Google Data Studio mash-ups
  • Ecommerce conversion rate optimization
  • Analytics site audits

Ecommerce Analytics

In ecommerce tracking there can be a lot of moving parts. Are those PPC and email campaigns you're running being attributed correctly in revenue reports? Can you trace the spots where the majority of traffic tends to drop out of the funnel? Are you having trouble seeing if the footfall to your brick and mortar shops are bringing in online sales? Wyoming can help you unpack the data insight from your ecommerce platform to find the answers to your questions, and ultimately improve your conversion rate.

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