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Do you feel that you have all the data that you need to make decisions at your fingertips? Don’t worry, you are not alone. It is estimated that only 30% of all companies identify themselves as being data driven. Working together, Wyoming’s team of expert data scientists can help you to make the most out of the data that you already collect. Whether we are talking about optimising maintenance schedules, knowing more about your customers and their behaviours or building a reporting suite, we have the right solution for your business and for your customers. As the volume of data explodes, the practice of data science has evolved to give professionals tools to manage their scientific research, marketing campaigns, manufacturing workflow, and countless other processes.

Increasing use of sensors and trackers will lead to more data, the age of the quantified self is upon us and new methods will be developed to manage and exploit this data for business gain.

Wyoming is actively developing tools and methods to help our clients manage their data challenges, today and into the future. Our services span data modeling, predictive analytics, machine-learning, data migration, dashboards and data visualization. We can work on any of these discrete services or we can wrap them up into a workflow that covers data sourcing, management, visualization and insight.

We are focused on outcomes - improving yield, reducing errors, raising quality, reducing maintenance time, optimising cleaning processes and generally using data science to draw out greater efficiency from operations.

Data science
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Data Sources

Data arrives in more formats than ever before. Patient-generated data, clinician recorded data, sensors and trackers, data streams from POS machines or lab equipment, distributed control systems, manufacturing execution systems, website analytics, manually maintained spreadsheets, external feeds from vendors. We can provide detailed data profiling and preparation and help you integrate dissimilar sources into a "control tower", spanning a wide range of inputs, connecting the previously unconnectable and delivering rich new insights.

Data Processing

Data sources can change. The formats, obviously, but more subtly, the meaning of different elements. If one supplier starts recording customer estimated values into a field and another supplier is recording actual customer values in the same field, is that distinction visible at higher levels of aggregation? Can the sources still be relied upon for the analysis you had planned? Wyoming can help to trace and highlight these source issues, so that the feeds that are ingested are processed correctly. We develop pipelines with embedded quality control to ensure the highest quality data reaches the analysis stage.

Data Modelling & Analysis

Sometimes, data feeds can go directly to a dashboard or to a report and have good value. However, with increasing complexity of data, the massive scale and variety of data, we find that data models are increasingly required to bring order to the data and to extract insight. Using deep statistical analysis, our data scientists create new views into the data that bring clusters and patterns to the surface that otherwise would be hidden in the sea of data. Using machine learning / artificial intelligence we can process and exploit data to deliver huge benefits for clients. Predictive modelling is an incredibly powerful way for manufacturers, researchers and business executives to find new ways to drive efficiency in their operations.

Data Visualization

Dashboards are visual tools which help to make sense of large datasets. Often richly designed visual tools, drawing the results of complex queries into easy to consume graphical forms. Screeds of table-based data is eschewed in favor of charting tools that can bring the data to life.

At Wyoming, we’ve lost track of the numbers of queries and reports we’ve built but we’re always focused on what data will do good, rather than what looks good. We can help with planning and design of dashboards, reports, alerts etc. We can help with testing and validation and we can help with visualisation tool selection. We have worked on projects where huge gains have been achieved through the careful presentation of information, allowing good business decision-making.

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Data Insight

The final stage in a data science workflow is the part where you act. This can take some considerable effort to achieve, depending on volumes, formats, etc. but once you have a successful process in place to ingest, manage and analyze data, the insight can flow and support numerous business operations. Regardless of how fancy the visual form takes, the output still has to be validated. Real world evidence gained from acting on the insight regulates the model and yields ever more valuable insight.

We work with clients to apply learning from models to effect business change and to deploy predictive models in dashboards, apps and alerts to worldwide locations.

Wyoming work with clients to Test, Measure and Learn — taking output from models and applying it to real world tasks.

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