User Experience

Meaningful design matters

User Centered & Data Driven

It’s said that good UX is invisible, which is perhaps a shame for our UX designers, but a good thing for the end user. Great UX is about getting people from A to B (or Z) in the least painful, least frustrating way possible. If we make the journey easier then more people will come along for the ride. That translates into higher conversion rates, more enquiries, or people spending longer on your website.

UX wireframes
Mobile UX design

To achieve the most from UX design, you have to be slave to two masters: the user and the commercial objectives of the project. The true skill of this discipline is in balancing the two, so that you can improve online outcomes for the user while making significant gains for the business – more baskets, more registrations, and more video views. At Wyoming we meticulously research and understand both user and business requirements, to ensure the final interaction designs remain focused and fit-for-purpose.

Our multi-disciplinary teams can help you draw from a wide range of user-centred research and design development tools. With one eye firmly on the analytics we’ll make sure every online journeys is intuitive and continuously optimized.

Getting the Results

Building and launching a website is a significant undertaking; but the hard work doesn’t stop at launch. Through the configuration and deployment of comprehensive on-site analytics, Wyoming continually monitors user interaction performance to identify and resolve abandonment hotspots and user U-Turns. Our UX/UI skills extend beyond ‘Make it pop’ to ‘Make it effective’ - it’s a continual process.

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