Crafting a memorable identity


A really great brand has to connect with people, resonate with its audience and offer something compelling with a purpose, that you can get behind. The logo or mark is the beautiful full stop. Using our creative, analytics, and expert insight, we work with you to help distil this core essence, establish a strong visual identity and tone of voice - one that will give your company the edge to the competition, no matter the platform.

Noodigs Branding
Marketplace Branding

We begin a branding project by approaching each phase from a philosophical and highly critical standpoint - inspect, poke, and drill down to the core of your brand, gaining that intimate knowledge to translate into a visual language.

That means doing a fair amount of research before diving into design. Yes, this is hands-down the most laborious stage. But it is crucial to build the foundation upon which your visual language will stand. Here, our goal is to gather as much information as we can about who you’re trying to communicate with, who your competition is, and where your brand currently stands.


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You only have 2.6 seconds to make a strong first impression online. Branding is all about crafting a memorable identity, one which captivates your target audience and ensures sales growth. Here at Wyoming, our designers transform your business into a meaningful, recognisable and respectable brand.

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