The power to see around corners


Mitigate Risk, Improve Outcomes

In highly technical environments, problems tend to be of the tangled variety. Multi-faceted, and interdependent with more than a dash of financial risk.

Having someone on the team who has seen these problems before in other organizations and other sectors can be useful. Not least because they have the practical experience to foresee the challenges, allowing you to rule out expensive mistakes early on.

Our team has seen tens of thousands of project hours racked up across multiple sectors in multiple disciplines. Whether you're planning a product launch, a marketing mailshot or re-architecting internal finance systems, chances are we can be useful to you — from an informal chat all the way to a requirements document that stacks to your waist, a Wyoming consultant will become your new best friend. 

Consultancy Services

Problem solving is in our nature. Improving operations, optimizing systems and procedures and designing amazing customer experiences - there's always a certain satisfaction in coming up with a beautifully simple solution to what seems like an insurmountable challenge.

We love matching planning and strategy to innovative concepts then working them up into an actionable set of deliverables.

  • Planning & Strategy
  • Customer Experience
  • Service Design
  • Process Design

Business Analysis

Our skilled business consultants will work with you to produce a reassuringly exact and detailed specification of requirements. Dedicating time up front to scope and interrogate the project invariably pays dividends.

We can help you with:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Data-led decisions with cross-discipline teams
  • Detailed specifications and work orders
  • Risk reduction - defining terms beyond ‘easy checkout process’
  • Critical questions. e.g. you could do basket recapture, but should you?
  • In short, a rich and robust technical specification.

Project Management

Stars may be born not made, but Project Managers only become stars with the benefit of experience. Our highly experienced team have an uncanny knack for anticipating issues and foreseeing blocks to progress. Let us work alongside you and we'll bring a pragmatic, measured and honest approach to even the trickiest of projects.