Transforming agriculture with digital


 We are experiencing a rapid explosion of technology in agriculture. Lots of technology products and services are being added to agriculture, from agriculture science to agriculture practice to markets & customer supply chains. Technology has for many years been added to agriculture to become more efficient and focused, but this round of technology, digitalisation, is different. Agri-tech, is connected, location-aware, and with masses of data.

Rather than separate parts of the supply chain being technologies, Agri-tech really is the digitalisation of the entire supply chain, with large scale integration between solutions, rather than a set of point solutions, operating largely independently.

Wyoming helps agricultural organisations overcome complex challenges using clever digital solutions and technology. This may involve consulting on process design or optimisation, developing consumer-facing tools and applications, sourcing and visualising complex data to allow better decision-making, or crafting effective digital strategies to market products and services. We work with a range of academic and industry organisations on both collaborative and independent projects.

Below are some of the ways Wyoming can help agricultural producers and suppliers make great use of digital tools and data analysis to positively impact commercial returns. 


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Digital Tools & Apps

Apps and digital tools such as product selectors, process simulators and systems integrations allow new services to be delivered for agri-businesses that previously were too expensive or too difficult to enable. Mobility allows smart digital services to be successfully delivered in rural areas and provide leading edge decision support around herbicide resistance, soil composition, planting strategies and the like. Delivered in smart apps that integrate widely to bring in third-party sources such as weather data, allow in-field decisions to be made based on accurate, pertinent, hyper-local data.


Data-Led Decision Making

Data does not need to be difficult. Sure, there can be challenges sourcing different data services and integrating them but with a little effort, planning and implementation decisions can be heavily informed by data. Spacial data, market data, soil data, so many sources and so many applications. We pull the data into dashboards and build specialist apps and create visualisations to assist with on-farm and even in-field decision making.



Demand Generation

Smart data and digital work can yield benefits beyond internal decision making and efficiency gains. Data informs customer preferences, buyer journeys can be optimised to suit their state of readiness to engage. Using data and digital externally can help agricultural producers and suppliers to find, get, develop and keep, profitable customers. From targeted thought pieces on LinkedIn to search optimisation using key phrase research which will inform content generation to social listening sources and website analytics, Wyoming can help bring commercial outcomes by generating demand from customers that have high conversion propensity. 

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The Appliance of Science

The lower cost, wider availability and increased fidelity of sensors and testing kits, such as lateral flow assays, means scientific rigour can be deployed in agricultural settings. The development of apps, digital tools, visualisations and integrations means the data generated from the files can be swiftly turned into decision support information and turned into commercial outcomes.