Life Sciences

Using digital technology to augment real-world science


The practice of Life Science relies more and more on digital services. From apps and dashboards right up to workflow digitisation and connected devices, there are few areas in life science that digital does not touch.

We work with industry leaders to craft digital strategies which help to transform markets and accelerate innovation. From demystifying Pharma 4.0 concepts to bringing the latest digital thinking to application builds and activation tactics, Wyoming is a partner on many life science digital projects.

Wyoming manages data, develops portals, creates digital tools & calculators and drives demand for digital campaigns in the Life Sciences and Healthcare sectors. Experience ranges from particular research areas such as Protein Biology or Oncology, particular tools such as PCR or Flow Cytometry and specialised workflows to support business processes such as Clinical Trials logistics or device to cloud integration.

Below are some projects where Wyoming created digital solutions to allow scientists to manage the business of science.

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Digital Tools

Digital Interactive Calculators, Search Explorer Tools and Software Modelling & Visualisation allow scientists, researchers and general scientific business users to carry out some form of workflow, simulation or calculation that may be either expensive or difficult in the real world. The simulation of the scientific process, experiment or data flow can be safely carried out in a digital environment. Digital tools and calculators, give a good match to predict how processes, materials or molecules will behave in the real world.


Data-Led Innovation

Data rules and process steps are often by nature complicated or involve numerous attributes all of which can have a dramatic impact on workflows. Using software tools to visualize complex data and large rule-sets is another way of allowing researchers to make good choices based on clear insight. With manufacturing processes, small changes in data flows can make big differences to yield, cycle time and waste. Pull the data into dashboards, specialist apps and create event alerts to connect specialists with real-world events and drive quality, speed or resilience.

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A Commercial View

By augmenting real-world science with digital tools, scientists can model before they buy and reduce uncertainty around compatibility, timescales and workflows. Wyoming have considerable experience in the Life Sciences sector working as an integrated journey from content discovery through to ecommerce and sales enquiries.



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