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As recently as ten or fifteen years ago, some banks were routinely returning cancelled checks to customers along with their monthly (paper) statements. Over the same period, digitization has led to fundamental changes in the financial services industry with online account opening, mobile account status alerts and contactless payments being but three of the dramatic changes to customer interaction.

If the past is any guide to the future, banking leaders should consider innovation, mobility and service as key to future success. Wyoming creates innovative tools and solutions to help financial services organizations to find, recruit and retain profitable customers through digital channels.

Below are some areas we have helped banking brands innovate and deliver digital solutions.

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Demand Generation

Find, get, develop and keep, profitable customers, is a constant demand on marketing teams in consumer finance organisations. Acquiring, for example, new account customers and developing a loan and saving portfolio around them requires coordination of a number of disciplines. It all starts with data and offer.

One major challenge to improving the digital performance of financial organizations comes from the rise of comparator or financial news sites dominating the sought-after page 1 rankings. On top of this, the paid search budgets available to national banks and financial behemoths mean it's often difficult for local banks, for example, to perform for even local searches. 

Our approach is to focus on customer intent; optimising campaigns to get the highest possible quality score, and lowest possible market price. Reacting to marketing changes and refining our strategy within the budget and regulatory guidelines means we have no wasted campaign dollars.

Take a look at our paid search case study in banking here.

User Experience

Engaging consumers with computerised financial systems from kiosks to web based application systems to mobile account servicing applications, all require great user experience (UX). Customer journeys can get complicated as users weave their way through credit card or mortgage loan applications and various internal systems for fraud control, product recommendation, credit worthiness, etc. 

We're familiar with the level of scrutiny directed at financial institutions' products, both in terms of authentic content, and meeting users needs. This extends into having the correct trust signals, content and usability on site. To get new customers successfully onboarded and to minimise account servicing manual interventions, digital systems need to be richly featured but beautifully simple. That takes research, testing, innovation and investment of time and money.

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Whatever your current challenge, whether it’s better targeting of personal loan offers, improving distribution of certificate of deposit offers or streamlining credit card servicing Wyoming’s experience in management of complex back-end systems to create slick front-end systems and activations could be just what you need.

Talk to Wyoming today about improving digital performance for consumer finance, to attract and engage the right customers thru digital marketing & applications.

Featured Case Study

Banc of California

Creation of a digital strategy comprising analytics, marketing automation and paid search to achieve a 747% increase in conversions.

Banc of California landing page (Desktop
Banc of California landing page (Mobile)