Facilitating education with digital technology


Education is a traditional sector, but it’s increasingly adapting to a digital landscape. Over the last decade, digitization has led to substantial change in the educational sector, from student data processing to learning management systems. 

Innovation and adaptability are key for educational institutions in this changing landscape. Tools and systems that are easy to use and provide a seamless user experience are revolutionizing the way multiple stakeholders access educational information, including education providers, learners, parents and management.

 Wyoming works with education providers to deliver digital solutions that improve user experience, provide access to pioneering tools and enhance the ability to report on data and analyse trends.

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User Experience

Designing an interface for educational systems can be tricky, as there are often multiple stakeholders involved, each of whom have different needs. In schools, for instance, there might be parents, teachers and pupils all using the same system. Each will have a different end goal, so ensuring the system is user friendly for every journey can be a challenge.

 Many educational tools are outdated and time-consuming to use, whether in schools, universities or in a training-led environment.

Wyoming works with educational providers to create a great user experience for every type of user, redesigning tools and systems to make them more user-friendly. In a time-starved educational setting, this can improve efficiencies and allow teachers and higher education providers to focus their time on more pressing issues. 


Data Integration

Data gathering and analysis is an important part of improving educational processes but currently, the educational sector is plagued by fragmented data which means decision making is difficult as the data is unreliable and inaccurate.

All too often in education, individual providers gather data but it isn’t shared. Or it could be that some providers record some data and others record different data. In some instances, data about learners is collated, but separately from financial data, for example. In order for an accurate overview of the end-to-end educational process and analysis of trends, there needs to be a comprehensive system for reporting and feeding back on data.

Wyoming helps learning organisations and education providers to make sense of fragmented and siloed data, and delivers solutions for building more reliable reporting solutions going forward.

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Digital Tools

The use of digital tools within education can vastly improve the efficiency with which data is gathered and processed.

Wyoming works with educational providers and other companies within the industry to overhaul their digital strategy, introduce new tooling and make important information easier to access. One such example is our work with the Scottish Council for Independent Schools (SCIS). As well as a site redesign to improve usability and make useful information more easily accessible, we also created a new security model to manage the processing of sensitive information, which kept data safe whilst also opening up new opportunities for self-service.



Client Testimonial

Patricia McCurrach, Head of Customer Operations, SEEMiS

"SEEMiS engaged with Wyoming to support us in the ground up development of our UI/UX design of our new web based SEEMiS Schools and SEEMiS Early Years applications.  As a new approach to development for SEEMiS we were looking for a company who could support and guide us through branding and development of an intuitive user friendly UI/UX.  We couldn’t have asked for better; Wyoming recognised the skills we brought from our Education background, while also bringing their supportive and highly knowledgeable experience of this area to our developments.  This has certainly been a partnership approach, our views and opinions have been given careful consideration in every decision, while also providing us with a critical friend to steer us on our path.  Their professionalism has produced high quality outputs, to tight timescales, which have been well received by our user community helping us to garner strong enthusiasm for our new product."