Wyoming Gets a Makeover

By Olivia Phyte, 10 June 2018

This year Wyoming’s headquarters have slowly but surely been undergoing a bit of a makeover, spearheaded by our own Designer, Olivia. Our "Hello" feature wall was revealed earlier in the year; a bright and engaging design inspired by Edinburgh's city-scape.

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Most recently, our main meeting room, “Yellowstone” was revamped with a creative and engaging vinyl.

We asked Olivia what inspired her to create the wall art:

Making art or designing is not easy. A blank canvas never comes with a set of instructions. As a designer, I understand how necessary it is to tap into the source that inspires creativity.

I drew great inspiration and ideas from my working environment. Even before I started I asked myself questions such as ‘what are we doing here, what motivates us to get out of the bed in the morning’. Designers have an advantage, they can experiment. 

For me, a good source of inspiration are people; friends, colleagues, co-workers, collaborators, co-minders, etc. Working with them has inspired me to create the wall artwork that describes their passion, dedication and patience. When they come up with something impressive, it inspires me to come up with something equally impressive.

Yellowstone Wall Art image thumbnail 1

Keeping it simple is my motto. Observe. I don’t restrict myself to my own medium. The iconography for the wall was inspired by our daily actions, so I had something to work with. Examples include: 

  • UX/UI Design
  • Agile environment
  • Process design
  • Prototyping
  • Collaborating
  • Discussions
  • Development
  • Creative brainstorming
  • Searching for solutions, and finding them
  • Goals
  • Teamworking 

My aim was to create an atmosphere where people would take inspiration from the iconography, where they’d feel free to explore, brainstorm ideas and embrace new challenges without feeling too restricted by all-white empty walls.

 We love it Olivia, nice work!

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