How Customer Experience and design work together

Customer Experience (CX) is now a top business priority for many companies, resulting in higher budgets to improve the overall customer experience & retention, and, ultimately, generate more sales.  Organisations are now trying to figure out how to maximise the value from customer research and how to turn the insight into tangible solutions for customers. […]

Web analytics, make way for data science

Is your organisation still only relying on traditional web analytics to generate insight? We explore how data science is creating a new layer of advanced web analytics, capable of giving organisations richer insight than ever before.

The ailing UX of healthcare applications

With modern ecommerce systems, slick paths to purchase, and detailed customer insight to power personalisation, several retail brands are not only monitoring and testing UX but driving UX innovation. As you’d expect, their vitals – revenue and repeat customers – are strong. Whilst traditional high street retail challenges remain, online is soaring and good UX […]

Taming Clinical Trial Data With Technology

Managing huge volumes of clinical trial data brings several challenges: multiple sources, inconsistent formats, complex structures and endless reports. Discover how to turn these challenges to your advantage with smart technology.

Global Clinical Trials Connect, April 2018

If you’re working with disparate and mis-matched data sources, struggling with patient recruitment, or dealing with time-consuming manual work-arounds, Wyoming can help! Let us know you’re attending GCTC 18, we’d love to see you there.

Content Value: The Key to GDPR Explicit Consent

With the GDPR deadline looming on 25th May, we’re seeing a flurry of emails looking for us to “opt-in”. We discuss the impact that quality, personalised content can have in encouraging explicit consent.

Event Activation: A Lead Generation Game-Changer

Battling for delegates’ attention in large event spaces can be a real challenge for exhibitors. Find out how Wyoming helped generate excitement for our animal health clients at the VMX Exhibition in Orlando.